Online Wellness Programs

Join us for our series of Online Wellness Programs. These 4-week certificate programs utilize the Google Classroom and run from Monday through Friday. Videos are posted each day at 1pm.

Our Certified Addiction Counsellors watch the participant comment sections from 1:00-3:00 PM daily. They will make referrals to our Clinical Therapist as needed. And remember, every Friday you will receive a phone call regarding the weekly reflections.

A variety of program topics are offered including: Cultural Teachings; 7 Sacred Teachings; Sweats; Boundaries; Self-Esteem; Mental Wellness; Medicine Wheel Teachings; Anxiety & Stress; Self Help Groups; Mindfulness; and Goal Setting.

If you are interested in joining our Online Wellness Programs, please call to register at the number below. You will require a valid status number to register.

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Online Wellness Programs

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Success Stories

We care very deeply for the people we serve. We open our doors and our hearts, and we never treat clients as anything other than equals, no matter how far they have fallen. If clients must go through the treatment cycle two, three, or even four times, then so be it. We’ll stick with them. My staff and I are confident that one day the client will make it and we’ll be there by their side when they do.

Joseph H. Denny