Is it mandatory to have a PCR test prior admission, because I cannot get an appointment booked?
If you are not able to get a PCR test, you must do 2 Rapid tests:

1. First test is to be done 2 days prior admission
2. Second test is to be done upon arrival (will be provided)

Is it mandatory to be vaccinated for an inpatient program?
Yes, we would like clients to be vaccinated, as all staff at both treatment centers are also vaccinated with boosters, but if a client has medical reasons for not being vaccinated, then they would be accepted, but would have to take regular Rapid tests.

Do you accept clients on suboxone/methadone into the inpatient programs?
Not at this time, but we do accept clients into Outpatient Day programs (when available) and they can register and take the 4 Week Virtual Wellness program, and we also have certificate videos available to anyone on our website.

Can we still have arranged visits with our kids through MMF?
Not at the moment, due to COVID, we aren’t letting anyone who isn’t essential to the program inside the building.

Is it mandatory to go detox before going treatment?
It is not, but it would help a lot when you are withdrawing and we also suggest for you to be clean and sober at least 4 days

Is anyone or any organization aloud to get a client’s information?
No, they are not, unless the client signs a release of information form for the certain organization

Is there any visitation for clients while the program is going on? 
No there is no visitations at this time because of covid.

What kind of information is needed to sign up for treatment?
Intake forms, DUSI, medical form, proof of vaccines, PCR test, pre-admission forms, covid forms and treatment agreement forms.

How long is the wait time, and who receives notice of acceptance?
Screening process takes place prior to client being accepted.  Workers will be notified during Intake week, if their client was accepted and if they choose to wait for another cycle if they were screened out.  Usually this is a first come first served so it is best to have applications in early as possible.  Information is given for the virtual program, as well if the client chooses another center, they will be referred, then the worker needs to call the referred center to check on status of client going into treatment.

If the client is on probation, what do the workers (outreach) need to do to help their client get into treatment?
If the client is not incarcerated, then probation papers need to be included with the paperwork. Client situation is case by case screening, depending on the charges, ex: violent offences, weapons charges, sexual assault, (screened out) minor offences related to addiction such as B&E, misdemeanor offences, verbal assault may be considered if there is an on-going legal support system.

Do you accept clients who have gone through a sentencing circle?
This is case by case screening.

Who pays for the stay?
FNIB and Medical Services covers the stay and treatment while at the center.

A client is waiting for status, can they still go into treatment if they don’t have a band number?
Status and medical numbers are required for intake.  Although letters from their bands are accepted, if they are still in the process.

Do you take couples in treatment?
No, what we do is refer one to another treatment center, as having both couples in may impair their treatment.

If there is no worker involved (self-referral) will the application still be good?
All applications are reviewed, self-referrals need to put their proper information such as phone number or email for communication

Does the center provide sponsors for self-help groups such as AA?
Depending on location, information will be provided on how to get a sponsor

How often can someone apply?
As often as they want.

Can clients do a program back-to-back?
The centers do Intake during each cycle, therefor no clients in until new cycle begins.

Can I get help with housing if I am homeless due to addictions?
Staff have a wide variety of resources which will be provided, such as application forms for Tywak, Gigano, and long- term facilities such as Crosbie house.

Can I bring my pet into treatment?
Due to sanitizing and cleaning, pets are not permitted