Eagles’ Nest Recovery House

44 Eagles Nest Avenue, Indian Brook, Sipekne'katik First Nation, Nova Scotia
Phone (902) 758-4277 | Fax (902) 758-4229

We walk with you towards a new life.

Before we learn how to walk, we must first learn how to fall.

Treatment Goal

Our goal is to enhance physical, spiritual, emotional and social issues caused by alcohol and drug misuse. We provide our First Nations Communities with current best practices and community based culturally relevant programs which are delivered by certified addictions counsellors.

admission criteria

  1. Be of Aboriginal decent (Must have status band #).
  2. 19 years of age or older.
  3. Must have a total abstinence of FIVE (5) days from Alcohol and FOURTEEN (14) days from drugs such.
  4. We do accept clientele that are on medically prescribed medications in our in-patient treatment program based on the case management team’s approval of appropriateness.
  5. You must complete a pre-admission form.
  6. You must have an assessment completed and scored.
  7. You must get a medical clearance form completed and signed by a Registered Nurse or a Doctor.
  8. Court dates must be moved to after the treatment completion (Family Court is exempt).
  9. All financial arrangements must be made prior to entering the program.
  10. All medical appointments must be moved to after the treatment program.

The client must have the willingness to participate in all wellness activities.


5 Week – Aboriginal Wellness for Addictions Women’s Program
5 Week – Aboriginal Wellness for Addictions CO-ED Program
5 Week – Aboriginal Wellness Historial Trauma Addictions Recovery Program

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